The Nationals

Words can change the world.



It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. And I just want to share another in-depth topic to you, this midnight. Well, here, in the Philippines, it's 10:42 pm. And um.. never mind. Sounds ridiculous. *laughs Warning: This is a novel. Prepare for scrolling much. The title? It might already passed through …

Ages in That

Science Fiction was given a new flavor! I want to share with you my entry for Wattpad's December Challenge. If you would have time to, you can check out my story.

The Torment of Night

The utter tranquility turmoiled the still, somberness of mine. Until the fulgent stars, as incandescent asterisks at the sky, Bedazzles the gloom of a tormenting agony, Alleviating the unstable edge of the capricious night.

Night Fight

Let your sight just glance the beauty of the night. Let your eyes see the stars and their light. That moment when you gaze upon the war between black and white Should also be the time when you will realize That you must pursue and fight for the worth-living life Because even the stars can …

Focus the Unfocused

If you got the point of your professor while he was discussing those hydrocarbons which boggled your newly-cluttered mind, well, Chemistry might have told you what they really are. For at least once, haven't you just thought of the question: "What is this all about?" "Why do I need to review these messy notes?" "Why is …